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The Four Steps of Isopathic Therapy

The Four Steps of Isopathic Therapy

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The Four Steps of Isopathic Therapy
Prevention and Treatment

Sprache:  englisch
Autor:  Dr. med. Konrad Werthmann
Artikeltyp:  Buch
Klappentext:  Everybody wants a Sanum treatment, everybody wants to be treated by Enderlein’s methods and the appropriate remedies, but who is able to make an informed choice when faced with the numerous possibilities? "The FourSteps of isopathic Therapy" describes a way of applying isotherapy which was laid down by Prof. Dr. Enderlein and has been practised for years by Dr. Werthmann and other practitioners worldwide, based on Dr. Enderlein’s and Dr. Werthmann’s teachings. Rather than beginning with immunomodulation, this is a way of building up the individual’s internal physical milieu and the appropriate physical ‘furniture’ (intestinal mucosa, Peyer’s patches), so as to achieve the greatest possible degree of success for the sick body using small doses and without taxing the energy. Isotherapy is a treatment method which is systematic and therefore always follows the same rules. lt is compatible with many other therapies. This book is suitable for any therapist. Both beginners and those with greater experience are given the chance to make so-called isopathic treatment easier and also, with the help of the biological sequence, to employ the isopathic and immunobiological Sanum remedies appropriately (and more cost-effectively).
Auflage:  1. Auflage 2006
Seiten:  56
ISBN:  978-3-925524-53-0


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