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Introduction to SANUM Therapy - Part 1 and 2

Introduction to SANUM Therapy - Part 1 and 2

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Language:  English
Type of article:  DVD
Teaser:  Dr. Kracke presents a brief historical overview regarding the different concepts and developments in medicine, paying special attention to the distinctions between monomorphism and pleomorphism. From this, the approaches for the research of Prof. Enderlein are derived. This is followed by an introduction to the theoretical principles of the SANUM therapy.
The main focus of the lecture however, is especially directed at the introduction and illustration of the effects of the various groups of isopathics. Specifically addressed are the affiliations with the individual cyclogenies according to Prof. Enderlein. Simple therapeutic possibilities for acute illnesses are deduced from this and illustrated with examples.
Following this, a basic scheme for the therapy structure in cases of chronic illnesses is explained, taking the different remedy groups (isopathics, immuno modulators, haptens) into account. Furthermore, the speaker is reviewing established naturopathic treatment strategies for illnesses which frequently occur in practice. Respective therapy schemes are presented and explained in detail.
Duration:  105 Minutes (Part 1), 91 Minutes (Part 2)