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Unappreciated friend or unsuspected foe

Unappreciated friend or unsuspected foe

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Unappreciated friend or unsuspected foe?
Prof. Dr. Enderlein's Teachings in Theory and Practice
Essential Elements of Prof. Dr. Enderlein's Publications
Selected and elucidated by Dr. med. Maria-M. Bleker

Language:  English
Author:  Dr. med. Maria-M. Bleker
Type of article:  Book
Teaser:  Maria Montserrat Bleker, née Monsó Capellades was born in 1931 in Barcelona. After successfully qualifying as a medical practitioner, she relocated to Germany where up until 1970 she worked for several hospitals and clinics as a junior doctor, scientific assistant and finally, as leader of the cytological laboratories of a large gynaecological university hospital.

In 1964 she earned a degree in Germany as a medical practitioner, qualified as an anaesthetist in 1966 and finally received a doctorate shortly thereafter. In 1970 she left the hospital to establish her own laboratory for preventive cancer diagnostics which she gave up in order to fully concentrate in the direct treatment of patients, focusing in particular on darkfield diagnostics according to Enderlein, homeopathy, acupuncture and hyperthermy.

During the seventies, the author took part in a training seminar for doctors where she met an old colleague whose professional focus was also set on homeopathy and naturopathy, who drew her attention to the scientific life work of the late biologist and zoologist, Prof. Dr. Enderlein. Since then, Dr. Bleker has dedicated her professional commitment intensively to the publication of his works.

With the free access available to his notes, the author has written a comprehensive and concise script of Prof. Dr. Enderlein's works, for which the main idea was to make his scientific results more approachable and understandable for interested doctors and other experts in related fields of science.

Dr. Bleker's main concern was, and still is, that Prof. Dr. Enderlein's discoveries should not be ignored if we are to succeed in defeating chronological diseases, in particular cancer.
Print run:  1st edition 2004
Pages:  119
ISBN:  978-3-925524-25-7


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