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Isopathy experiences


Articles marked with the initials of the author do not represent the opinion of the editor or the publishing house, but are the opinion and experience of the author. Authors are obliged to produce articles to the best of their knowledge and with highest conscientiousness. Nevertheless, authors, editor and publishing house are not liable for any damage that may result directly or indirectly with the application or utilization of the articles' statements. Every reader bears the responsibility for their own actions.
"Edition" stands for the year of publication of the English translation.


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Title Autor(s) Subject Products Edition File size Year
From Practice - For Practice: Trichomoniasis Konrad Werthmann Trichomoniasis, uro-genital diseases, MUCOKEHL, RUBERKEHL, PROPIONIBACTERIUM AVIDUM, 2018 1 MB 2010
The SANUM Therapy of Acute Inflammation of the Pancreas - A Case Report Rita Stappert Pancreas, NOTAKEHL, SANUVIS, 2018 218 KB 2003
How is your Liver? Part I: Historical develpment, tasks of the liver, diseases and diagnostic procedures Heinz Dieter Bartels Liver and biliary diseases, THYMOKEHL, PINIKEHL, SILVAYSAN, SANUKEHL Prot, 2018 288 KB 2005
How is your Liver? Part II: Possibilities for treatment Heinz Dieter Bartels Liver and biliary diseases, THYMOKEHL, PINIKEHL, SILVAYSAN, SANUKEHL Prot, 2018 643 KB 2006
From Practice - For Practice; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - A.L.S. Konrad Werthmann Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, A.L.S., PINIKEHL, OKOUBASAN, PEFRAKEHL, 2018 106 KB 2006
The Functional Circuit: Lungs/Large Intestine and the associated Therapies Thomas Rau TCM, heavy metals, teeth, colitis, milieu, neurodermatitis FORTAKEHL , OKOUBASAN, MUCEDOKEHL, RECARCIN, LIPISCOR, SANUKEHL Coli 2017 2 MB 2014
Dental Interference Fields: Recognition by means of Transitional Alveolar Ultra-Sound Diagnosis (TAU/CavitatTM) and Treatment Options Norbert Guggenbichler Dentistry, NOTAKEHL, ARTHROKEHLAN "A", PEFRAKEHL, 2017 2 MB 2010
Successful Treatment of Hypothyroidism - a Case History Björn Kreidler Thyroid diseases, SANUKEHL Myc, LEPTUCIN, 2017 1 MB 2010
Hemorrhages and Hemorrhagic Tendency Anita Kracke Hemorrhages, CALVAKEHL, USTILAKEHL, 2017 308 KB 2010
FOMEPIKEHL drops for the Treatment of Prostatic Adenoma Thomas Rau Prostate diseases, FOMEPIKEHL, 2017 33 KB 2003
From Practic - For Practice: Baker s Cysts (Popliteal Cysts) Konrad Werthmann Baker s Cysts (Popliteal Cysts), FORMASAN, SANUVIS, NIGERSAN, 2017 218 KB 2008
A 5 year Old with an Injured Tooth and the Treatment with SANUM Remedies Kimberly Landino children, dentistry, NOTAKEHL, ARTHROKEHLAN "A", 2017 219 KB 2010
Influence of Pulsed High Frequencies on Human Blood Manfred Mantel Dark-field microscopy, Environmentally caused illnesses, ALKALA N, MUCOKEHL, 2016 570 KB 2010
Multi-talented Zinc; The Food Supplement Zinc-diet from Biofrid and the trusty Homeopahtic Remedy from SANUM, ZINKOKEHL Anita Kracke ZINKOKEHL, Zinc-diet, 2016 247 KB 2010
Helilcobacter Therapy Geraldine Dartnell carrot juice, Fish oils, RBC aggregation, ALKALA N, FORTAKEHL, NOTAKEHL, 2016 104 KB 2015
Disorders of the Female Cycle: Dysmenorrhoea - Hypermenorrhoea - P.M.S. Kornelia Gerlach Meyer Dysmenorrhoea, Hypermenorrhoea, P.M.S., UTILIN, USTILAKEHL, CALVAKEHL, 2016 1 MB 2011
From Practice - For Practice: Treatment Plan for Use in HPV Infection Thomas Rau HPV, EXMYKEHL, SANUVIS, QUENTAKEHL, ZINKOKEHL, UTILIN "S" 2016 1 MB 2011
Patients Report of a Vaccination against HPV Infection Petra Sason HPV, GRIFOKEHL, NOTAKEHL, 2016 1 MB 2011
Basic Tissue - Nerve Centre of Information, Matrix - Genome - Epigenome Anita Kracke Basic tissue, Metabolism, UTILIN "S", BOVISAN, ALKALA N, MAPURIT L, SELENOKEHL 2016 1 MB 2011
MAPURIT - in a new Outfit Anita Kracke enzyme activator, energy supply, stress management, depression, hypertension Mapurit, Zinc+Biotin, Alkala S, 2016 1 MB 2016
ALKALA S for the Regulation of Mineral and Acid-Alkaline Balance Dr. rer. nat. Dieter Sonntag acid-base balance , potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, urinary pH level, mineral deposits, calcium citrate Alkala N, Alkala S, 2016 61 KB 2015
V-Th-E Kuhl Mischung - a New Preparation from SANUM Anita Kracke congestion, waste deposists, pain, circulation, V-TH-E Kuhl Mischung, Mucokehl, 2016 1 MB 2016
From History to the Present - Cyclogeny of Bacteria and Microbiome Research from the Point of View of the Origin of Immunological Disease Dr. rer. nat. Dieter Sonntag Monomorphism, Pleomorphism, Cyclogeny, Ontogenesis, Mochlosis Bovisan, 2016 2 MB 2015
Statistical Evaluation of an Application Study with the preparation series LARIFIKEHL - in the administration forms of drops, capsules and injections Reiner Heidl LARIFIKEHL, 2015 1 MB 2006
Hepatitis A, B and C in Biological Medicine Petra Wiechel Liver/biliary disease, TARAXAN, MUCEDOKEHL, SANUKEHL Coli, 2015 501 KB 2009
Isopathy - a Special Kind of Therapy Anita Kracke isopathy, pleomorphism, 4-stage-plan, SANUVIS, CITROKEHL, FORMASAN, MUCOKEHL, UTILIN 2015 231 KB 2011
From Practice - For Practice: Lichen sclerosus / Craurosis Konrad Werthmann Lichen sclerosus, EXMYKEHL, essential oils, 2015 218 KB 2009
From Practice - For Practice: Calcaneal Spur Konrad Werthmann Calcaneal Spur, CITROKEHL, ALKALA N, LATENSIN, 2015 231 KB 2009
"RMS BIOFRID" - a new BIOFRID Product: The importance of Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid for Metabolism Anita Kracke L(+)-lactic acid, stress, chronic illnesses, metabolism, RMS BIOFRID, SANUVIS, 2015 35 KB 2014
Pseudomonas aeruginosaas a Treatment Block? An investigation using Voll s Electro acupuncture Gerhard Frick Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Sanukehl Pseu, 2015 228 KB 2008
From Practice - For Practice: SUDECK Syndrome Konrad Werthmann Sudeck Syndrome, NOTAKEHL, MUCEDOKEHL, SANKOMBI, LEPTUCIN, 2015 23 KB 2009
A Case Report: Bechterew Disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis) Günter Weigel Bechterew Disease, LATENSIN, QUENTAKEHL, PEFRAKEHL, 2015 24 KB 2007
Vitamin B12 Injectable - A Preparation from SANUM-Kehlbeck Camilla Fischer VITAMIN B12, 2015 34 KB 2007
The Importance of Copper - CUPRUKEHL a Remarkable Medicine from the SANUM-Kehlbeck Company Anita Kracke copper-dependent enzymes, mitochondria, collagenous fibres, Wilsons Disease, CUPRUKEHL, 2015 51 KB 2013
Practical Tips Series - SANUM Meridian Therapy: Cervical Spine Syndrome Mujeer Al Haj skeleton, cervical spine, NOTAKEHL, SANUVIS, QUENTAKEHL, 2015 1 MB 1997
Practical Tips Series - SANUM Meridian Therapy: Vertigo Mujeer Al Haj Vertigo, GINGKOBAKEHL, QUENTAKEHL, 2015 39 KB 1996
PROBIKEHL - The new Probiotic from SANUM-Kehlbeck Dr. rer. nat. Dieter Sonntag intestinal flora, inhibition of pathogenic germs, Inulin, Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Probikehl, 2015 738 KB 2015
The SANUM Liver Remedies SILVAYSAN, HEXACYL, TARAXAN, and PINIKEHL - Their Similarities, Characteristics and Differences Camilla Fischer Liver and gallbladder diseases, SYLVAYSAN, HEXACYL, TARAXAN, PINIKEHL, 2015 64 KB 2010
What a lot is concealed in one drop of blood! - Experimental Dark-field Microscopy Investigations of Living Blood Kira Lynn Fiedermutz Dark-field microscopy, 2015 689 KB 2009
Statistical Evaluation of an Application Study with Pefrakehl 6X Injectable Solution in patients with mycoses Reiner Heidl Enteromycoses, Dermatomycoses, Vaginal mycoses, PEFRAKEHL, 2015 102 KB 2012
SELEN-Biofrid - a Food Supplement containing L-Selenomethionine Anita Kracke Biofrid, SELEN-Biofrid, SELENOKEHL, 2015 253 KB 2009
Pictures Confirm Therapeutic Success: Using SANUM preparations in Clinical Practice agains Alopecia areata Mujeer Al Haj Alopecia areata, PEFRAKEHL, FORMASAN, ALBICANSAN, 2015 6 MB 1997
Nappy Rash - more and more often Wolfgang Podmirseg Children, FORTAKEHL, PEFRAKEHL, 2015 26 KB 2007
Treatment of a Female Patient whose Desire to have a Child was Unfulfilled Anneli Plehp infertility, HEXACYL, EXMYKEHL, EPALIPID, 2015 204 KB 2010
The Use of SANUM Preparations in Geriatric Medicine Franz Arnoul geriatrics, circulatory disorder, dementia, heart disease, MUCOKEHL, SANUVIS, PINIKEHL, FOMEPIKEHL, ZINKOKEHL 2015 180 KB 2012
From Practice - for Practice: Meulengrachts Disease Konrad Werthmann Meulengrachts disease, Liver and gallbladder diseases, SILVAYSAN, SANUVIS, THYMOKEHL, 2015 35 KB 2010
From Practice - For Practice: Polyneuropathy Konrad Werthmann Polyneuropathy, RUBERKEHL, LEPTUCIN, LEPTOSPERMUSAN, 2015 159 KB 2010
Detoxification of the Liver - What can this Achieve? Petra Wiechel liver detoxification, gut, protein metabolism, MAP, Taraxan SANUM, SANUGALL, 2015 203 KB 2013
Systemic Candidiasis: Pandemic of the 21st Century! George Georgiou chronic candidiasis, gliadin, cross-reactivity, mycotoxine, candida relatet complex, Da Vinci candida therapie Probikehl, Albicansan, Pefrakehl, Fortakehl, Notakehl, Nigersan 2015 431 KB 2015
Dark-Field Diagnosis and Thyroid Disorders Bärbel Hoffmeister Thyroid disorders, NIGERSAN , RECARCIN, CITROKEHL, 2014 461 KB 2007
Life is Sweet, but please monitor your blood sugar! SANUM Therapy and Diabetes Kirk R. Slagel Diabetes, PEFRAKEHL, MUCOKEHL, MUCOKEHL Augentropfen, 2014 33 KB 2007
Biological Treatment of Geriatric Diseases - Expanding Opportunities for Naturopathic Practices Karl Heinz Rudat Geriatric diseases, RECARCIN, MUCOKEHL, ARTHROKEHLAN "A", 2014 239 KB 1997
Extended Therapeutic Possibilities for Allergies - Good Healing Successes Through the Combination of Methods Rudolf Siener Allergies, MUCOKEHL, LATENSIN, PEFRAKEHL, RECARCIN, 2014 337 KB 1993
Bacillus subtilis as a Homeopathic Remedy - A Well-Known Active Substance with New Accents Joachim Hartmann Immuno-modulation, Utilin, 2014 300 KB 1992
SANUCYST - A New Preparation from SANUM for the Treatment of Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder Anita Kracke Urinary tract disease, anti-inflammatory, neuralgia, oliguria, rheumatism, fears, basic trust, urinary gravel SANUCYST Propionibacterium avidum, FORTAKEHL, PEFRAKEHL, NOTAKEHL, RECARCIN, LATENSIN 2014 42 KB 2013
From Practice - For Practice - Mucoviscidosis Konrad Werthmann Mucoviscidosis, LEPTOSPERMUSAN, SANUKEHL Strep, SANUKEHL Staph, 2014 23 KB 2007
The Isopathic Influence of SANKOMBI on Susceptibility to Infection - Proved by Neopterin Value Change Konrad Werthmann Infections, SANKOMBI, 2014 233 KB 1991
SANUGALL - Complex Homeopathic Remedy for Diseases of the Liver and Bile Anita Kracke Diseases of liver and bile, SANUGALL, 2014 38 KB 2013
Magnesium - the spark that sets us alight; Magnesium-diet - a new Magnesium Preparation Anita Kracke Biofrid, Magnesium-diet BIOFRID, 2014 40 KB 2009
Astonishing Healing of a Thrombosis within 12 days using SANUM Remedies Brigitte Winkelmann Thrombosis, MUCOKEHL, SANUVIS, 2014 23 KB 2005
From Practice - For Practice - Hyperhidrosis Konrad Werthmann Hyperhidrosis, FORTAKEHL, RECARCIN, CITROKEHL, 2014 218 KB 2008
Statistical Evaluation on an Application Study with SANUKEHL Myc D6 drops Reiner Heidl SANUKEHL preparations, SANUKEHL Myc, 2014 958 KB 2010
Chronic Epstein-Barr Infection Hamid Kermani Chronic Illnesses, QUENTAKEHL, SANUKEHL Pseu, 2014 1 MB 2009
Basic Regulation, as described by Pischinger - Key to our Understanding of Elimination Procedures Anita Kracke Elimination, ALKALA N, USNEABASAN, SELENOKEHL, ZINKOKEHL, 2014 310 KB 2001
LUFFASAN Tablets - A Homeopathic Excretion Remedy from SANUM-Kehlbeck Anita Kracke Excretion, Colds, LUFFASAN, 2014 31 KB 2001
Statistical Evaluation of an Application Study with the Homeopathic Preparation USNEABASAN in the administration form of drops Reiner Heidl USNEABASAN, 2014 122 KB 2011
Naturopathic Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis Gisela Hanschen respiratory disease, OKOUBASAN, USNEABASAN, LUFFASAN, 2014 35 KB 2005
Endogenous Rhythms as the Cause of Diseases and various Drug Tolerances Anita Kracke Metabolism, MUCOKEHL, 2014 259 KB 2009
Addiction and Search and the SANUM Remedy MUSCARSAN Björn Kreidler Addiction, MUSCARSAN, 2014 33 KB 2008
The Soul - Foundation of Health and Cause of Obstacles to Treatment Camilla Fischer Treatment Obstacles, MUCEDOKEHL, CITROKEHL, SANUVIS, 2014 248 KB 2008
CALVAKEHL and USTILAKEHL - Two SANUM Preparations for use in Treatment of Haemorrhage and Haemorrhagic Tendency Anita Kracke Bleeding, CALVAKEHL, USTILAKEHL, 2014 1 MB 2010
From Practice - For Practice - Henoch Schönlein Purpura Konrad Werthmann Henoch Schönlein Purpura, CITROKEHL, OKOUBASAN, SANUKEHL Pseu, 2014 25 KB 2008
A Healthy Diet versus Food Supplements Karin Ritter Diet, OKOUBASAN, ALKALA N, 2014 244 KB 2008
The nose knows - Correlations between paranasal sinus diseases and digestive organs Kirk R. Slagel ENT diseases, FORMASAN, NOTAKEHL, RUBERKEHL, 2014 233 KB 2006
Connections between the Stomach Meridian and Illnesses of the Hip and Knee Jean Claude Alix arthrosis, FORMASAN, SANUKEHLS, CITROKEHL, 2014 1 MB 2008
Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV) - Treatment of Diseases involving HPV with SANUM Remedies under Orthodox Medical Monitoring Irene Kolbe Gynecological diseases, QUENTAKEHL, RECARCIN, UTILIN "H", 2014 40 KB 2008
From Practice - For Practice: Chronic Pyelitis / Pyelonephritis Konrad Werthmann Kidney diseases, NOTAKEHL, FORTAKEHL, FOMEPIKEHL, 2014 217 KB 2004
From Practice - For Practice: Reflux Oesophagitis Konrad Werthmann Reflux Oesophagitis, ALKALA N, CITROKEHL, MUCEDOKEHL, SANUKEHL Myc, 2014 218 KB 2009
Tonsillar Angina Manfred Haas Respiratory diseases, Infections, NOTAKEHL, SANUKEHL Strep, 2014 243 KB 2009
A Different Treatment for Cysts and Myomas Kornelia Gerlach Meyer Gynecology, Cysts, Myomas, MUCOKEHL, NIGERSAN, UTILIN, 2014 1 MB 2008
SANUM Treatment in Practice: Neurodermitis in a 2-year-old Girl Barbara Sternke Neurodermitis, NOTAKEHL, RECARCIN, SANUKEHL Pseu, 2013 217 KB 2004
Report of Treatment of a Child with Neurodermitis and Staphylococcal Infection Barbara Sander Children, Neurodermitis, SANUKEHL Staph, NOTAKEHL, SANKOMBI, 2013 4 MB 2007
Immune Training with Bacterial Remedies to Improve Defence: A Treatment Concept with LATENSIN, UTILIN 'S' and RECARCIN Heinz Theo Gremme ENT diseases, LATENSIN, UTILIN 'S', RECARCIN, 2013 237 KB 1997
Intestine-specific Overstress Diseases of the Organism - On the Functional Unity of Intestinal Tract and Immune System Karl Heinz Rudat Intestinal disorders, ALKALA, EXMYKEHL, 2013 276 KB 1996
What must we bear in mind when treating Hepatic and Biliary Diseases? Konrad Werthmann Hepatic diseases, Biliary diseases, SILVAYSAN, PINIKEHL, 2013 225 KB 2009
Statistical Evaluation of an Application Study with the preparation series PINIKEHL in the administration forms of drops, capsules, solution for injection, and suppositories Reiner Heidl PINIKEHL, 2013 2 MB 2008
The Stomach from a Dentist's Point of View Ina Faust Dentistry, ARTHROKEHLAN 'A', PINIKEHL, 2013 2 MB 2009
Acute Inflammation following a Dental Extraction Barbara Sander Dentistry, ARTHROKEHLAN 'A', NOTAKEHL, 2013 218 KB 2009
Good Elimination Belongs to Every Genuine Healing Process Helmut Körner Elimination, MUCOKEHL, NIGERSAN, 2013 239 KB 1992
The Treatment of Chronic Ailments - Some Case Studies in the Use of Homeopathic Therapeutic Agents Klaus Karsch Chronic Ailments, PEFRAKEHL, NOTAKEHL, UTILIN , 2013 248 KB 1994
Statistical Evaluation of an Application Study with the preparation series BOVISAN Reiner Heidl BOVISAN, 2013 959 KB 2008
Rheumatism - the Peoples Disease, and MUCOKEHL Martina Klüber Rheumatism, MUCOKEHL, SANUVIS, 2013 223 KB 2009
Treatment of Werner Müller Borreliosis, PENICILLIUM, BREVICOMPACTUM, USNEABASAN, SANUKEHL Brucel, 2013 560 KB 2009
From Practice - For Practice, CEE - Central European Encephalitis Konrad Werthmann CEE, QUENTAKEHL, SANUKEHL Brucel, 2013 217 KB 2007
The Use of the "Great SANUM Metabolism Cure" in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases and Especially of Cancer Alfred Baum Cancer, NIGERSAN, MUCOKEHL, CITROKEHL, 2013 113 KB 2003
Adjunctive Treatment of Tumours by Milieu Cleansing, Isopathic Therapy and Stimulation of the Immune System Heinz Dieter Bartels Cancer, PINIKEHL, EXMYKEHL, 2013 26 KB 2004
Treating Psoriasis with Fish Oil - Biological Adjuvant Therapy Yields Good Test Results Wolfgang Rothe Psoriasis, LIPISCOR, 2013 1 MB 1998
Therapeutic Use of Fish Oil in Gynecology - A Seldom Used Option in Gynecological Practice Wolfgang Rothe Gynecology, LIPISCOR, 2013 5 MB 1998
Neurodermatitis - successfully treated, A well-tried Therapy Schedule with SANUM Remedies Roman F. Hausherr Neurodermatitis, FORMASAN, NOTAKEHL, BIOFRID-PLUS KAPSELN, 2013 121 KB 1997
"Practical Tips" Series, SANUM Meridian Therapy - Neurodermitis Mujeer Al Haj Neurodermitis, MUCOKEHL, NIGERSAN, SANUVIS, 2013 1 MB 1996
Key Concepts in the Teachings of Professor Enderlein - About the due change in our understanding of microbes Maria M. Bleker Isopathy generally, 2013 227 KB 1996
Professor Günther Enderlein, Doctor of Philosophy - Creator of a New Theory of Bacteria and Health Karl Windstosser Dark field, ARTHROKEHLAN "A", ARTHROKEHLAN "U", MUCOKEHL, NIGERSAN, 2013 682 KB 1992
Pictures Confirm Therapeutic Success - Stubborn symptoms eliminated by the use of SANUM remedies Mujeer Al Haj Conjunctivitis, Allergies, ALKALA, MUCOKEHL eyedrops, 2013 1 MB 1996
Pictures Confirm Therapeutic Success - SANUM Remedies in the Practice in Cases of Neurodermitis Mujeer Al Haj Neurodermitis, MUCOKEHL, NIGERSAN, SANUVIS, 2013 822 KB 1996
From Practice - For Practice Otitis media - Inflammation of the middle ear Konrad Werthmann ENT - diseases, NOTAKEHL, FORTAKEHL, SANUKEHL Strep, 2013 22 KB 2005
Nasal polyps - frequently a symptom of an unrecognised allergy to cow's milk and hen's eggs Wolfgang Podmirseg ENT - diseases, FORMASAN, SANUKEHL Myc, 2013 27 KB 2003
About the Consequences of a Disturbed Symbiosis of Origin - Far-Reaching Consequences Up to the Psyche Alfred Baum Isopathy in general, MUCOKEHL, SANUVIS, 2013 227 KB 1987
Bacterial Endosymbiosis in Cells - The Integration of Pathogenic Microbes as Cell Organelles Peter Schneider Symbiosis, NOTAKEHL, SANUVIS, CITROKEHL, 2013 156 KB 2003
Enderein's Endobiosis in its Holistic Aspect - Some Thoughts after a Medical Working Seminar Herbert Flaskamp Isopathy in general, MUCOKEHL , NIGERSAN, 2013 2 MB 1995
Deacidification - a Basic Therapy: Acids and Bases require Equilibrium in the Organism Michael Worlitschek Acid base balance, ALKALA, 2012 234 KB 1994
Acid-Base Regulation - A Fundamental Process in the Organism: Nutritional and Lifestyle Errors Are Decisive Factors Renate Collier Acid base balance, ALKALA, SANUVIS, 2012 230 KB 1989
Bedwetting in Children Wolfgang Podmirseg Children, PEFRAKEHL, SANUKEHL Cand, 2012 221 KB 2004
Treating the 'Hyperkinetic' Child Thomas Rau Excretion, Children, ALKALA, FORTAKEHL, SANKOMBI, 2012 223 KB 1998
Healing means harmonizing the symbiosis: Isopathy compensates symbiont deficiencies Alfred Baum Isopathy in general, MUCOKEHL, SANUVIS, NIGERSAN, CITROKEHL, 2012 515 KB 1987
What can isopathy offer therapists today? Konrad Werthmann Isopathy in general, GRIFOKEHL, QUENTAKEHL, 2012 1 MB 2002
From Practice - For Practice: The four-step treatment in isopathic therapy Konrad Werthmann SANUM therapy, Carcinoma, UTILIN "S", 2012 26 KB 2004
Fungi have many faces - Omnipresent microorganisms with a broad spectrum of action Konrad Müller Christiansen Mycoses, NOTAKEHL, ALBICANSAN, 2012 3 MB 1994
"Practical Tips" Series - Therapy for mycoses Mujeer Al Haj Mycoses, FORTAKEHL, ALBICANSAN, PEFRAKEHL, 2012 217 KB 1998
'Practical Tips' Series: SANUM Meridian Therapy - Shingles (Herpes zoster) Mujeer Al Haj Herpes zoster, QUENTAKEHL, SANUVIS, NOTAKEHL, 2012 919 KB 1993
From Practice - For Practice: SANUM Treatment of Herpes zoster Konrad Werthmann Herpes zoster, PENICILLIUM BREVICOMPACTUM, GRIFOKEHL, 2012 217 KB 2004
Varicella zoster - Treatment with SANUM Therapy: A case report Kirk R. Slagel Varicella zoster, Herpes zoster, Chicken pox, Shingles, GRIFOKEHL, QUENTAKEHL, RECARCIN, STOLONIKEHL, 2012 28 KB 2012
Schoolchildren as Patients with regard to dysfunctional achievement in school Michael Urban Dysfunctional achievement in school, Children, UTILIN, LATENSIN, SANKOMBI, SELENOKEHL, 2012 54 KB 1995
ENT Illnesses in Children Martina Klüber ENT Illnesses, Children , NOTAKEHL, QUENTAKEHL, ZINKOKEHL, 2012 222 KB 2008
Successful treatment of a 4 year old child with viral gastroenteritis Kimberly Landino Gastric diseases, Children, QUENTAKEHL, FORTAKEHL, 2012 223 KB 2008
The Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases with SANUM Remedies Cornelia Arnoul Rheumatic Diseases, BOVISAN, FORMASAN, 2012 30 KB 2003
Rheumatism is Curable - Supportive Regulation with SANUM Remedies Gerhard Frick Rheumatic Diseases, LATENSIN, SANUKEHL Strep, SANUKEHL Staph, 2012 95 KB 2004
Taking the Load off the Metabolism through Elimination and Detoxification Manfred Haas Elimination, MUCOKEHL, MUCOKEHL Atox, HEXACYL, 2012 234 KB 2008
The Pollution-stressed Body - Symptoms and Isopathic Detoxification Methods Karl Heinz Rudat Elimination, UTILIN , BOVISAN, CHRYSOCOR, MAPURIT, 2012 246 KB 1998
Successful Treatment of the Spleen System using SANUM Preparations Dagmar Briem Bäzner Spleen, Cysts, NIGERSAN, CITROKEHL, 2012 23 KB 2004
The Spleen - many-sided and indispensable: Tasks, Illnesses and Therapeutic Possibilities Anita Kracke Spleen, Chinese Medicine, SANUM Therapy, PINIKEHL, FORMASAN, TARAXAN, HEXACYL, 2012 1 MB 2008
The Significance of the Spleen in disease Processes - Diagnosis and therapy options Cornelia Arnoul Spleen, PINIKEHL, MUCOKEHL, 2012 136 KB 1999
Successful Treatment in a Case of Elevated Prostate Levels and Generalised Itching Iris Roob Prostate diseases, FOMEPIKEHL, 2012 27 KB 2007
Homeopathic Treatment of Prostate Adenoma - Therapeutical results with the SANUM preparation NIGERSAN Shafik Barsom Prostate diseases, NIGERSAN, NOTAKEHL, 2012 1 MB 1990
Change of Life - Change of Direction: The Beginning of the End or a New Beginning? Karin Ritter Climacteric, SANUVIS, MUCEDOKEHL, USTILAKEHL, 2012 256 KB 2005
The Endometriosis Therapy by SANUM Konrad Werthmann Gynecological disorders, NOTAKEHL, CHRYSOCOR, 2012 226 KB 2003
Crohn's Disease: A Condition of the Tuberculinic Miasm and its Treatment with the SANUM Therapy Kirk R. Slagel Crohn's Disease, SANUKEHL Myc, OKOUBASAN, RECARCIN, 2012 334 KB 2007
TB - the Burden that Lasts a Lifetime Konrad Werthmann Tuberculosis, NIGERSAN, CITROKEHL, UTILIN , 2012 248 KB 2003
Darkfield Diagnostics - a true Precautionary Investigation Bärbel Hoffmeister Darkfield, 2012 113 KB 2007
Darkfield Diagnostics for early Diagnosis of Chronic Diseases Wolfgang Grüger Chlamydia, Darkfield, SANKOMBI, LATENSIN, UTILIN, 2012 237 KB 1989
From Practice - For Practice: Angina tonsillares - Sore throat - an Intestinal Problem Konrad Werthmann ENT diseases, NOTAKEHL, SANKOMBI, SANUKEHL Pseu, 2012 22 KB 2007
Statistical Evaluation of an Application Study with the preparation SANKOMBI Drops in the application areas of convalescence and conditions of general weakness Reiner Heidl SANKOMBI, 2012 181 KB 2011
Using Biological-Regulative Therapy for Inflammatory-Rheumatic Diseases Thomas Rau Rheumatic diseases, NOTAKEHL, PEFRAKEHL, ALKALA N, 2012 494 KB 1994
The dilemma in the medical therapeutics: Rheumatism - a new approach of medical thinking is necessary Helmut Körner Rheumatism, 2012 47 KB 1988
The SANUM Preparation CITROKEHL - Important Details for the Therapist Helmut Körner CITROKEHL, 2012 221 KB 1988
'Practical Tips' Series - SANUM Meridian Therapy: Angina pectoris Mujeer Al Haj Heart and circulatory diseases, MUCOKEHL, SANUVIS, GINKGOBAKEHL, 2012 40 KB 1997
From the Practice for the Practice - Examples of Treatment with SANUM Remedies: Angina pectoris, coronary failure and sclerosis, heart attack Konrad Werthmann Heart and circulatory diseases, MUCOKEHL, ALKALA, PROPIONIBACTERIUM AVIDUM, SANUKEHL Acne, 2012 217 KB 2000
Treatment of a Chronically Recurring Vaginal Mycosis Barbara Sander Gynecological disorders, Mycoses, ARTHROKEHLAN 'A', EXMYKEHL, 2012 221 KB 2008
ALBICANSAN - Pleomorphism as a Therapeutic Principle for Candida Mycoses: SANUM-Kehlbeck's answer to a widespread disease Joachim Hartmann Candida mycoses, ALBICANSAN, PEFRAKEHL, EXMYKEHL, 2012 234 KB 1992
'Practical Tips' Series: SANUM Meridian Therapy – Sterility (Infertility) in Female Patients Mujeer Al Haj Gynaecology, Infertility, MUCOKEHL, SANUVIS, LATENSIN, 2012 2 MB 1997
Statistical Evaluation of an Application Study with the preparation USTILAKEHL in the administration forms of drops and suppositories Reiner Heidl USTILAKEHL, 2012 459 KB 2011
Migraine: What Can be Done? Therapeutic and Prophylactic Options Peter von Buengner Migraine, 2011 249 KB 2011
Your Health is in your Gut - Part 2 Anita Kracke Intestinal diseases, VITAMIN B12 SANUM, REBAS, TARAXAN, HEXACYL, 2011 57 KB 2007
Asthma and the Naturopathic Practice - The Disease Process and Therapy from a Holistic Viewpoint Peter von Buengner Respiratory diseases, FORTAKEHL, SANKOMBI, UTILIN , 2011 238 KB 1998
“Practical Tips“ Series - SANUM Meridian Therapy: Bronchial Asthma Mujeer Al Haj Bronchial Asthma, MUCOKEHL, NIGERSAN, RUBERKEHL, 2011 944 KB 1993
New Concepts for Treating Headaches and Migraine: Causative Factors, Types of Pain, Therapeutic Techniques Karl Heinz Rudat Migraine, Headache, SANUKEHL Myc, USNEABASAN, USTILAKEHL, QUENTAKEHL, 2011 227 KB 1998
FORMASAN - a SANUM Remedy made from Formic Acid Anita Kracke FORMASAN, 2011 36 KB 2008
Inflammations and Their Therapy by Means of Isopathy - Good results with SANUM remedies Berhard Muschlien Inflammations, MUCOKEHL, NIGERSAN, SANKOMBI, 2011 667 KB 1991
Disturbed Blood Flow - Holistically Considered: Therapeutic Possibilities for Diseases of Ears and Eyes Michael Urban Cardiovascular diseases, MUCOKEHL, UTILIN, 2011 228 KB 1994
“Practical Tips“ Series - SANUM Meridian Therapy: Tinnitus Mujeer Al Haj Diseases of the ear, nose and throat, MUCOKEHL, FORMASAN, NIGERSAN, 2011 47 KB 1996
From Practice - For Practice: Tinnitus Konrad Werthmann Diseases of the ear, nose and throat, LEPTUCIN, MUCEDOKEHL, 2011 23 KB 2006
Your Health is in your Gut - Part 1 Anita Kracke Intestinal diseases, SANKOMBI, SANUKEHL Cand, REBAS, 2011 50 KB 2007
Towards an Understanding of Pleomorphism, of Milieu Therapy and SANUM Treatment, Part 1 Thomas Rau Pleomorphism, SANUM Therapy, MUCOKEHL, NIGERSAN, NOTAKEHL, 2011 63 KB 2004
From the practice for the practice: The anxious patient Konrad Werthmann Anxiety, MUCEDOKEHL, 2011 217 KB 2003
The "impossible child" - The naturopathic treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Heinz Dieter Bartels Children, MUCOKEHL, MUCEDOKEHL, PINIKEHL, SANKOMBI, 2011 7 MB 2002
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